There are many ways to help Ukrainians.
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Get info on supporting new immigrants.
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We are a country of immigrants and we welcome you!
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You can make a difference

Advocacy, Hosting, Support.. there is a role for everyone in this crisis.

Our countries have so much in common.  We have east-west tensions.  We have rifts that manifest in separatist thinking.  We live next to countries who have major influence on our cultures.  We feed more people than we have.  We’re geographically large compared to our populations.  We ski and play hockey.  The list goes on

There are so many Ukrainians in Canada they have their own dialect.

At this point the Canadian Government has made it easier for Ukrainians to come to Canada.  We’d like to see them lift all visa requirements (Rumours of an announcement on March 17th!).  There are many Canadians who’d welcome those fleeing from the war with open arms.  This website exists to support those efforts.


Canada Helps Ukrainians

One step at a time.

A note on Refugees. At this stage Immigration Canada is not processing Ukrainians as refugees. We expect that to change and will also be supporting those efforts (both Gov’t and Privately sponsored refugees). It’s perfectly ok in our opinion to refer to anyone fleeing from war as a refugee but it should be noted that it is a specific legal status (and grants Permanent Residency status).