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Shouldn’t we help struggling Canadians (homeless, vets, etc) first?

This is a weak argument for primarily two reasons. First we absolutely have support structures in place for these vulnerable folks. Secondly we are a prosperous nation and capable of doing both.

Can I employ Ukrainians who come to Canada?

Absolutely. Immigration Canada has promised Open Work Permits which do not require labour market impact assessments. We encourage Canadians to consider employment opportunities for Ukrainians early in the process.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend energy getting fresh water to first nation’s communities?

We can’t disagree that clean water for first nations is a no brainer. It’d be pretty cool if our federal government would keep their promises. Water treatment and transport is way beyond something that is accomplishable at a grassroots level but it is something that shouldn’t be a problem in any first world country in 2022.

Where do you stand on the politics of this war?

Doesn’t matter! War has never determined who is right.. only who is left. We’re here to help people in need. Simple.

Why Ukrainians?

The spirit of Ukrainians is undeniable. They are fighting like hell to keep their land and their democracy. It’s unfortunate that civilians and their homes will be caught in the crossfire but that’s something we can all help with.

What about Myanmar, Cambodia, Yemen, and all the other places people suffer?

The world can be an awful place. All of those people deserve help too and many of the principles we put forth can also be applied to these refugees. The scope of destruction in Ukraine is unique. This many cities haven’t seen destruction like this since the second world war.

Won’t some of these Ukrainians go home after enjoying our hospitality?

We wouldn’t deny anyone that right. Everyone on this earth should have the right to live where it makes sense for them and in times of war that’s an impossible thing to predict.