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Immigration Guides
Make Connections

The UN Refugee Agency has information posted at the following links.
In any other country:
Canadian Visas

At the moment Ukrainians are being asked to apply for visitor visas.  Timelines on this are unclear but longer than anyone would like.  Many in Canada are lobbying to lift ALL visa requirements.

IRCC has a dedicatied service channel for Ukrainians both in Canada and abroad at 613-321-4243.  Clients can add the keyword “Ukraine2022” to the IRCC crisis web form with their enquiry and it will be prioritized.

Immigration Canada’s Process does not require any 3rd parties – you can do paperwork yourself. If you do choose to work with an Immigration Consultant we recommend finding one via the College of IC’s. We encourage you to check any Immigration Consultant using their website (you do not need one but they can be very useful).

Travel Resources

European rail operators have extended cross-border trains with additional carriages to transport Ukrainian refugees.There are 40 long-distance trains to Germany from Poland, Czech Republic and Austria. Ukrainian Refugees can travel free of charge on many trains with Germany being a common destination.

LOT (Polish airline) has a special discount available to Ukrainians.

LOT’s flights include:

  • Daily direct service to Toronto from Warsaw (departing 1700)
  • Connections to major EU hubs (FRA, LHR, AMS, CDG)
  • Warsaw to LAX/JFK/ORD (American hubs)
  • Krakow to ORD
  • Budapest to JFK


Wizz Air is covering 100,000 flights within continental europe.

Got Pets?

Paw Squad UK is offering vet consultations for Ukrainians with pets.

A list of other resources for pet owners is online here thanks to the IFAW.

Healthcare in Canada

All provinces are offering health coverage immediately to Ukrainians.

Desjardins (Bank) is offering health coverage and special banking rates – outlined here.