We need your help!

This site’s mission is to help those fleeing war.  Some of you already have and we know more are yet to come.   As Ukrainians already familiar with Canada there is no one better suited to help us give others the best possible arrival.

Many of you are going through unimaginable troubles right now and so we hesitate to ask your involvement but we also know you are very tough people and want to be involved.

We are encouraging Canadians to create support groups within their communities.  Bringing together individuals with Rotarians, Lions, and Churchgoers has served refugees well in the past.  We are encouraging these groups to find Ukrainian and Russian speakers to help their efforts.

If you haven’t already registered with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress we’d encourage you to do so.

We welcome stories of your own immigration – they help inform us on the challenges newcomers face.

Custom Social Media:


The Mansio Centre is looking for Ukrainian & Russian speakers to support mental health efforts.  They are offering counselling as well.


Facebook groups (content warnings, these can be chaotic)

Ukrainian Canadian group on facebook is very active

Война в Украине – эвакуация в Канаду женщин и детей

Rotrfront nearly 40k members

This page needs more content!  Please send us anything you think should be on this page.